Thursday, March 25, 2010



The spitz named after the region it originated from, Bloomy was way to big to be a pomeranian so was his face…. couple of things which he inherited from his dad…..

Bloomy…. first saw him in the November rain of 2000, jus a couple of months after the millennium baby’s birth…. Came home in my mom’s arms from the same place where my roots are……. Born in the very house where my ancestors were…. He was FAMILY…

He getting of the train in my mom’s arm wasn’t a nice experience I suppose…. His ticket did cost me bribing the TC…. Well I did wonder how the tc got to know the cute little white teddy had life in it!!!!!

His welcome ceremony was a quite affair… admiration coupled with anxiety…. The first pet in the house….. and the first every animal my mom ever laid her hands on…. (okk I don’t count to be one)…. I remember the first few months not being any grt with his habits not in place and so was his name……. my sisters christened him as Whistle…. Not taking into account of the snoots which he has to encounter…. Well I do take credit for altering it to sessile and eventually BLOOMY…. THE BLOOM OF OUR LIVES

Bloomy was a darling once he got his manners and schedule right….. but as with the genes with contribute its wagging tail…. the “poms barking” was way to imbibed in him…. He was such a eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh with his early morning barks…. My apologies and thanks for all the neighbors who dealt with it.

Bugger was way too active…. Loved the way he used to run all through the garden and the house…. Ofter skidding his way on the marble floor but not taking his mind of the target outside which came as a squeaking cycle or stray crow…. It was a wonder when he chased birds on the terrace… as if his territory was at stake…..

Bugger did have a very disciplined lifestyle…. Used to wake up by say around 5,30 and wait till six to wake mom up… well did like the early morning open air…. Watching his friends go by… barkin at the newspaper n the milkman….. well the qualities of pickin the paper wasn’t imbibed into him…… so he made sure we weren’t getting any lazy…..
His morning fiesta would last for an hour n a half till the blazing sun pinch… coming in wud great him with baked bread, milk n splashing water…. .... waiting for bread was one thing which always made him restless….. n why he chose a doormat to keep his slices of bread still remains a mystery…….. after the hard morning his way to slumber extends till my mom disturbs him in the evening by a door bell….. inbetween moving into each of his self proclaimed pit stops and bites of pedigree….. .. has an active evening with his walks and barks used to desperately wait for each one of us to get home…. Time immaterial….. well his warm eyes, wagging tail and close hug were things which made us feel good to be back at home………..

Well cant remember all the grt moments I had with bloomy…. The long walks…. The long thoughts….. the big cuddles …. And all the game we played…..

Walks with him were very good….. the lazy bum that he was never preferred distance… was quick in his job and had to return home…… he used to get quite a lot of attention on his walks…. I mistaking it to be for me…...hmmm… bugger did have an attitude to see the other way…..

Food was something he would cherish …. Especially anything baked and had egg in it…. Wud disappear a whole loaf of cake at a go….. embarrassment when a guest at home was unavoidable…. But will give it to him …. He has been the icebreaker in a lot of conversations at home…. Any topic wudnt go without involving him….. was a gem of a guy when it comes to kids the gentleman that he was…. My then a year old niece chaitu used to hold him with his mouth and nephew pulling him by his tail……….

The bum he was he was a genius in his own terms….. he did recognize us coming home from quite a distance… I say “mom” and he cud dish her out of anywhere……

Remembering the endless hours I have passed jus looking at him…. His eyes his innocent face….. u come home after a hard day, any time of the night …. He his there happily welcoming u with his open arms……. U use him as a punch bag hurling all the dirt and frustration at him…. He still stands tall with same inviting looks…. One call and he is there in ur arms…..

Wonder why God decide to dip only dogs in faithfulness……. Wat a wonderful creature he has been….. he did teach me quite a lot of things in life…

September eighth being his birthday…. Always a special day with cake and bone…. We did forget his 9th birthday last year…. .. never ever to celebrate….

BLOOMY ….. did bring in a lot of BLOOM into our lives…….. Until he decided to take it away along with him…..

He left a lot of scratches on our doors..... and our hearts too...


Anonymous said...

Bloomy.. I'll miss him, too.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that... I didn't realize until the end of your post that bloomy is no more.. surely is such a lively creature. One thing I clearly remember is it's craving for cakes. Once when we got cake-prasadam from ISKCON, he's never stood still... even when we had to put it in the fridge... now he can have as much cake as he pleases... :(

Anonymous said...

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Raja Mohan said...

Many of you know I am not a fan of Bloomy. but I know how much you all loved him. Very sorry to know this only now. Memories will be still there. Have them for ever.

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Anonymous said...

Nice dog! So sweet and smart!