Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wimbledon 07

Fedex showers rained on British Summer …as Wimbledon turned 130

History repeats itself at Wimbledon…with a successive Fed-Nadal final and Federer matching Bjorn Borg record of 5 consecutive victories. not a easy win though, with brilliance evolving itself as Nadal with each passing game... only making it tougher for the World No.1 to hang in there. Sunday’s winner depended more on chance as it was a battle among equals.. jus that the London’s grass seem to love Federer’s smile more and made the wind blow in his favor…..

Good healthy rivals do bring the best of each other … so was proved once more with us getting to see King-of-Grass’s rare “scream of joy” on his breaking the Lion-of-Clay’s serve in the 5th set….

A grt inspiring Game from the two geniuses….

and as far as women are concerned….. I still think none look gud holding the ‘Rosewater Dish’ than Steffi Graf....

Otherwise things remain the same at Wimbledon as last year… Jus that Tradition turned a year old at Wimbledon


Raghavendra said...

It was a good match. Me and gunda watched it here

Anagha Mudigonda said...

Hey ..
Happy New year ... Even you are posting more frequently than me :D
how's ur firm ??

Gowtham said...


it's almost a year since you last inked your thoughts. Wimbledon 08 is about finish...

Guess you are busy with something else but I do, like most others, enjoy your writing :)