Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Music Sense ....

Learning guitar is one of the amusing things I have done in life. Well filling the enrolment form had been one of the though business decisions ever taken. It’s just the company of my buddy that pulled me up there and stick to my decision. It took nearly 3 months for me to disclose this new venture to another soul. Fear of shame—partly, cos of my questioned ability to last long in this new hazard.

All this was thoroughly acceptable, given the history of music in my cells. The taste buds in my ear were never too sensitive to the sweetness of music. Well not that I din't have my favs …….. a hum here n hum there, but were quick enough to reach the point of boredom. I was this dark horse in the family of singers’ n music lovers. As a kid my mom’s efforts to feed me with some ragas turned out to be futile.

Expectedly my first few classes turned out to be quite a struggle, trying to figure out the different ways to handle the instrument and get a certain rhythm on the movement of my irrepressibly hurt fingers. Hmmmm… did admire a few of my friends ranging from being amateurs to some being the masters in the game of Music in various ways...
So my first few classes were spent admiring the instrument…
…I think guitars are like gals ….
- Its all about moving your fingers at the right places …. To get the right tones…
- Its all about handling them carefully, ….. If you want to produce the desired sound. (though the undesired one dominates the greater part of ur life, until u master it).
- And at times their shapes get similar too…… Ooops!!!! Was it too sexist a comparison??? My Apologies…...

Well when more than a quarter of a year spent on anything with a pinch of dedication would surely ignites the passion in you and I am happy I stuck to it. have started appreciating the sound of right notes from the wrong ones. The sense of achievement in getting the right sequence, when you have a million options to go wrong.

And b4 u jump into conclusions about my exaggerated achievements… lemme warn u.. I jus can play a couple of lullabies, “happy burday” included, (lemme know if anyone birthday is round the corner)……………. So it’s a pretty looooooooooong way b4 I am playing on my knees for a damsel. (ok kkk that’s not (shudnt be) the main criteria though:))

Actually the achievement I was talking about was of my understanding the meticulous process gone through by all those masters who have taken a dip into the universal symphony time and again to create and recreate the pearls of disturbance equivalent to the harmony of eternal silence. Its as if silence sculpts the sound to create Music……… with thousand of years of research and thousands instruments to create that unique gem and light years of passion burning into dedicated practice …. and all these converging to create those melodies… a salute to all thosee legends time immemorial… who played their part…. in this divine universally understandable language called MUSIC….

I certainly wud love to add quite a few on my fav list and more than a few on my fingers in the near future…..


Syam said...

hi raj,

Great to see this post. hope you can play a number of lullabies to get me snoring in bangalore when I come. :P


punchagan said...

yoyoyo.. keep rocking..
hope to c ya, playing one wonderful song for me, someday soon... :P

btw.. i guess.. u(syam annai) wudn't need lullabies wen ur back in India.. :P

Swarup said...

Hi Surya,

Nice to hear that you are awaiting more posts :-) I was wondering if anyone other than my close friends read my blog. ;-)

Ill soon come up with an interesting post.

Btw your post is really nice. Its good you understood the importance of music and how vaste it is. I have really wondered how the master;s come up with such great master pieces in guitar leads.

If you can find the songs I would like you to listen to the guitar piece (which lasts for 4 min) by David Gilmore in the song Comfortably Numb by a band called Pink Floyd. Search on youtube by the name Comfortably Numb Pulse you might catch it.

Its a masterpiece simply amazing and sweet to the ears.

Adios for now!!


Life Breather said...

Hello buddy,

I can completely relate to each and every bit of emotion in this post. I have become speechless with such expressive post of yours, but as you told me there are quite a lot of things which you haven't told in this post.


Gowtham said...

No wonder you have been absconding ..... would love to hear you play for my birthday :)

Raghavendra said...

Good one, hit the right note :). Althought i found some comparisons ahem..cough ..cough ..objectionable

Prashanth said...

i came to know that u guys are doing a lot of things offbeat..and guitar is certainly a good venture.. hope to see u one day as an aashiq playing melodies to the girl next door :-)

Good luck dude !

ayesha said...

Hey thats a nice post......I specially liked ur comparison of the guitar wid a gal.....

Vathsa, The Ruler of The Rage said...


Enigmatic Illusion said...

I really cannot imagine how you cannot relate to music...because when words fail...thats when rhythm starts emoting!

Comparison of guitar to a girl..quite amusing I must say. You forgot to mention these -
-when you strike a wrong chord, it's no more music it's noise.
-It can hurt too, if not handled with care!
-And when the right mood is set, with the right cords, there's nothing more delightful in this world :)

Oh btw, if you want to hear good music, listen to old old black&white movies' music..not only the music is good, the lyrics are awesome too.
Also watch - Music & Lyrics.Absolutely fantastic movie :)

Great post dude!!Love it!

swarup said...

Hey surya .. ur wait is over ;-)