Friday, September 01, 2006

A tribute ........

Hrishikesh Mukherjee....

Some people with whom we wudn't have any personal relationship, but who tend to have an overwhelming influence on the thoughts we think, the range of emotions we rake,........ they are the ones who add up a few goodies on the “best things of our lives list” …….

It’s not about those whom we consider as our ideals, but it’s about those nice ppl for whom we develop a special liking, for the great work they have performed in their chosen field of life. Its about those whom we have not bothered to know on any other plane other than their work……………. those whose work speak for themselves…..

One such mastermind is Hrishikesh Mukherjee…. was in ignorance to give any space in my thoughts, nor knew much about this great filmmaker till the day when he ended the last walk of his life……My knowledge about him was limited to Anand, Abhiman and Chupke-Chupk…… was unaware that it was his grt mind & hands that rolled some of the finest Indian Cinemas to have hit the screen…. starting with my other fav Raj Kapoor’s Anari to Anand to Abhiman to Mili to Namak Haram to Sadma and forgetnot to mention Satyakam………… the grt works were a tribute to the various human emotions they portrayed. Each of them had the capacity to initiate new set of thoughts to erupt in our minds…. Could now actually see why all these movies had the kind of similar impact which made one sit-up.... and allowed similar kind of reactions for such vried human traits each contained....... the new found knowledge that these gems came form his factory, made me look in awe at this great filmmaker on a day as this…… I had actually tumbled upon most of these movies without any voluntary interest, but my eyes got glued as the plot unveiled each time i saw any of these .....…explained now by the common hand that pulled the strings…...and not to forget the healthy giggles like Chupke chupke, Golmal, the non-stupid, non-cheap humorous delectations ................. did i forget to mention the clean music each one had????

Well coming to my fav and the best of the booty ………….Satyakam…. What a film its been... its one of the best of all the “best’s” … the cast (the only movie of Dharmender other than Chupke chupke I’ve seen and liked), the plot, the direction, the emotions, the frustration, the triumph of the human sprit, it is one-hell-of-a-movie…. what a wonderful portrait of the pre-independence dreams and the post-independence reality… the joy of a free nation turning into a catastrophic, corrupted disgust, the man who had it in him to fight it all in the battle against unknown adversities, a man who stood straight for his principles with the whole world against him…… my salute to the filmmaker who produced this one master art……. Satyakam…. not a movie one cud repeat watching though… bout once seen, stays for a long while……

Wondered why a movie like that is not been talked about unlike his other piece… Anand, which I personally felt was a gud one but not a great ….. Taking a risk of being at the adversity of the majority, for me, watching Anand the only thought that comes is as to why a dying man has to “fake” virtue to prepare a set of ppl to mourn on his eventual death…. that “set” of ppl wud feel more unhappy about his death than the pleasures he has brought into their lives, wud have admired it, had the ailing man walked alone into darkness without the knowledge of the those around, without any emotional turmoil left behind after the changes he brings into lives… this is where I liked satyakam…. In here you don’t pity the state of the dying protagonist. In fact a volcano erupts in you to fight for the purpose which he stood for, the principles he had ……to help ppl to help themselves........... rather than to help ppl to find temporary pleasures in life….... Anand being in public flavor wouldn’t give me a better chance on my vote on Satyakam…. But for me …. Satyakam speaks the same language of The Fountain head probably in a lesser “image” …..

Tribute to the great film maker with such fine thoughts to sow seeds of them in millions of hearts through one of the finest medium…….

Hrishikesh Mukherjee…. his films would stay…. for a long time ….


Anonymous said...

dude surya,

chennagide write up - didn't (or hadn't cared to) know that he was behind some great movies, which I hadn't seen.

Anand is still my all-time favourite of his movies though I would watch Bawarchi any given day too...

writing frequency ondu swalpa jasti madu


Prashanth said...

zuper maga... i knew bout this dude, but haven't watched many of these masterpiece.. will try to get them on netflix tho ;-)

i remember u mentioning about satyakam, which is actually not very popular as anand, but i definitely echo ur thoughts that not all popular ones are the best.. this actually gives us a chance to venture out into other things and not follow the herd !

I must admit that even I have been doing this, when I went with some of my friends to watch karan johar's latest flick...
all of us knew it would be pathetic... but the bitter truth is most of us are enticed to watch them once and eventually it turns out to be the blockbuster for the year

Warrior poet said...

:) u struck a chord somewhere. Sometimes when u see a movie u get a peek into the director's thoughts, u get aligned with his vision, guess that was the magic of his movies.

Satyakam is definitely as glorious and as human as "Howard Roark" , i personally feel much more than that.

The director belonged to a category whose movies speak to you, entice you into another world, a world of human yet loft ideals which is what we need badly today.

Thanks dude, but anand still remains my fave, i would look at Rajesh khanna's role as somebody who is spontaneously happy and doesn't get bogged down by physical ailments. He may have made them miserable after he died, but gave them the strength to face anything with a smile.

I didn't intend to write such a long writeup..but u raked the hornet's nest :)

Good piece.

Sree said...

hey my fav filmmaker too! satyakaam nODilla, will try n watch it asap. but rest ahh! what a lovely bunch of films! about anand, i tend to agree wt rags tho:)

surya said...

amazin piece... agreed with every word u said. i never dcnied the worth of that movie... jus the way it story goes... hey u cud have actually posted a blog atleaston this :)

hey u shud watch satyakam.....its a classic..
wonder how come not many have hit apon that??

Aditi said...

I havent heard about satyakam, will look it up now

Anonymous said...

hey man,
its very refreshing to read your blog.

whats happening, mail me, I prefer it to the "scrap" on orkut.

Anonymous said...

hello :) we've met ;-)?? nd yes.. i totally agree.. love his movies!

Shruti said...

i love Hrishikesh Mukherjee's movies..all are classics!!
can watch them any number of times.
haven seen Satyakam though...but after reading ur blog..!!
thats one thing m gonna do ASAP..!

Syam Prasad Mallampalli said...

Hi Surya!!;)

I watched Anand yesterday.Such a big coincidence that I just saw your blog after that. Anyways!! Nice Blog Man. Keep it up!